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How to Fix Wi-Fi Problems

Don't you simply love your Wi-Fi network? That is, when you don't hate it from the bottom of your heart! For most people, wireless networks work great, as long as you are near them. Things change for the worse the minute you step into a room that's away from the router, though.

Everyone knows about this problem, so there is no wonder that there are so many articles that teach you how to boost Wi-Fi signal by moving your router, and even using a ufl to rp sma adapter to replace the internal laptop antenna with an external, better one.

Often times, these tricks work, and your tablet manages to load those heavy websites a bit faster. But sometimes things don't work as they should, no matter what you do. If this is the case, it's time to invest into a piece of hardware that will fix the problem for good. Sure, you will need to spend some money, but you will reverse the color of many of your gray hairs.

So, what are these devices that can turn a weak Wi-Fi signal into a strong one, obliterating all the dead signal spots in your home?

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Top 5 Learning Sites

Aren't you amazed that there are so many people who have launched successful, multimillion dollar businesses, and yet some of them are school dropouts? How can that be?

The answer is simple: the Internet has made it possible for anyone to learn anything! These days you can attend courses at the most prestigious universities from the comfort of your rocking chair. Sure, you can't interact with the teachers and you aren't necessarily forced to learn what you may not like, but if you're motivated enough, you will surely benefit from this fantastic, remote learning experience.

And the best part of all is that access to many of these high-quality learning sites is 100% free! Here are the top five learning sites that can be accessed without paying a single dime.

1. Khan Academy

This website was built by Salman Khan back in 2006. He wanted to create an online place where people could get trained, so he started to produce series of YouTube videos on a variety of topics.

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Best Free Antivirus

Ah, the mirage of free software! Who wouldn't want to get stuff for free, rather than pay for it? This explains why there are so many freeware sites out there. And there are also many sites that give away a commercial application each and every day of the year – this one, for example.

Antiviruses fall into a different category, in my humble opinion. I feel much safer knowing that I pay for an antivirus, because I expect it to have a much higher virus detection rate in comparison with a freeware product. Nevertheless, if money is an issue, there are a few virus protection packages that work fine, and can be confidently installed on your computer.

One thing to note, though, is that these products can only be used for free in a noncommercial environment; if you run a business, you will have to pay even for the free version of the product.

There are many prestigious, independent antivirus testing labs, and most of them report their findings, helping people take the best products. Take AV-Comparatives, for example; their tests are comprehensive and accurate, so they can be trusted.

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